Martingale and Roulette….The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


Among all the games that are available for gamble in online casino, roulette got to be the game that has attracted a lot of betting systems. Majority of the casino players nowadays believe in negative progressive systems where the casino players accepts and believe in the fact that they will lose more than half of the spins. However, these casino players believe that they will be able to come out ahead and be in the front line in a long run. Martingale system is the most famous among all the negative progressive system in online casino. It is born in the past by the famed Le Grand Casino in Monte Carlo.

In online casino, Martingale concept or system is very well-known as it is widely and frequently used. The Martingale system is actually pretty simple. Its concept is where a player increases his/her bet after every loss. Therefore, the player can get back their lost money back eventually when they win. The concept seems sensible and logical, thus making it easy for players to understand. Casino players does not have to be an IQ master or a strategic mastermind to use this concept.

The Good of Martingale in online Casino

The usefulness and effectiveness of Martingale concept in online casino would fully depending on how lucky the players are and the amount of money they have in hand for gamble. However, the Martingale concept has work for more than 90% of the time in online casino. That would definitely be the good part of it.

The Ugly of Martingale in online Casino

For example, luck is not on your side, you have lost 7 to 8 consecutive spins in onlinecasino and you are down at $2,000. Therefore, you are betting everything that’s left into one last bet but the maximum of the table is set at $1,500. In a result, you got to go to another table that offers a higher betting limit to make the bet. You lose in that one last bet.

The Ugliest of Martingale in online Casino

For example, the player is now broke as he/she has lost tenth or more spins in a row.

And the fact that you learn that the previous spin on the wheel you just left earlier came out with red. Only if you’ve stayed there and placed the last bet, the player would probably be up for $5-10 instead of being down for thousands of dollars and broke.

This would probably be the ugliest side of Martingale in online casino.

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