5 Things Good Casino Dealers Always Do

1. Controlling the games at an appropriate and proper speed

You often see dealers in casinos who’re agonizingly gradual getting the playing cards across the desk. Then there are those hotshots who’re so speedy you need to pressure yourselves in order to keep up with them, which can be annoying and stressful when you’re finding out whether to hit or stand in blackjack or make odds and different extra bets at craps. Therefore, what proper dealers do is control and maintain their games at a speed that is most handy to a majority of the players at their tables and to their employers, the online casino bosses. Mostly games are dealt too rapidly to prevent casino supervisors from properly following them.

2. Not too friendly to customer but be respectful to them

Casino customers hates to see a mad or frowning dealer the most. Customers will never gamble at tables where the dealer is looking like being against them in the casino. Casinos as well would not want to see cold looking dealers either since they would have a negative impact on the image of the casino. Dealers could slow down the diversions with consistent chatter and joke with customers in the casino. From the casino point of view, it may be more vulnerable to helping players along.

3. Concentrate on dealers grooming

The final thing that players need to see at the table of the casino is an unkempt dealer or one that encompasses an upsetting body odour. So, great dealers pay strict consideration to individual cleanliness. There practices do not only reflect to the dealers but they also represent the casino image in a positive way. Players take note of their hands as much as they take note on their faces, so seeing clean fingernails is much superior than seeing grimy ones.

4. Do not request for tips

Requesting for tips in casino could be a genuine no-no. However, some dealers are still openly doing it in casinos. Dealers that are doing that often would make the players feel uneasy and leave them thinking that it is necessary to tip the dealers in the same way they tip the waiters or servers in eateries and restaurants. Good and professional dealers would make their tips by focussing in being efficient and respectful at their tables.

5.  Deep knowledge on casino games

A good and professional dealer would definitely know the ins and outs of diversions they’re managing and dealing, which significantly diminishes the sum of botches they make. A few casino games are easy for them to memorize and learn, like casino roulette and casino blackjack. Others, particularly craps, can get very complicated and take months for the dealers to ace and master.

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