Thinking of Cheating in a Las Vegas Casino? Read This First!

There are thousands and millions of tourist and locals visiting and spending dollars in Las Vegas casino every year. However, cheating has been common in gambling and there have been a lot of tourist practicing this negative act of cheating in Las Vegas Casino. That being said, lawmakers of Nevada have had a meeting and felt the urgency to implement new rules and regulations that is to harshly punish the casino players and gamblers who are cheating in Las Vegas Casino. With this being implemented, local and even foreign prosecutors are taking such criminal very seriously.

The authorities of Las Vegas Casino have also exposed a lot of different cheating methods and practices that are being used by the casino players and gamblers. These methods include hiring an in-house dealer to deal cards in the favour of the players, switching chips or cards, use of cheating devices like computerized devices and cameras, placing chips on roulette when betting is closed. Nevada have implemented 5 types of offences due to these cheating offences in Las Vegas Casino.

Using counterfeit chips in Las Vegas Casino

Nevada implemented NRS465.080 which prohibits the act of using counterfeit chips in any games available in Las Vegas Casino. It is also wrong and illegal to manufacture or create items similar to counterfeit chip or other tokens being used in casino games.

Using cheating devices in Las Vegas Casino

Nevada implemented NRS465.075 which stops the usage of illegal cheating devices in Las Vegas Casino. This include any devices that helps or manipulate the outcome of the games in favour of the players or gamblers. 

Attempting and trying to cheat with conspiracy

Players and gamblers that attempted or tried to cheat with conspiracy in order to win games in Las Vegas casino will be punished with the felony offence which is also known as the completed crime. 

Several punishments for cheating crimes in Las Vegas Casino

All and every offence conducted in Las Vegas Casino by gamblers falls in category B felony.

First offense – For this offense, the offender will be punished with a sentence to prison for 1 to 6 years along with a $10,000 penalty fine.

Second offense – For this offense, it has the similar or same type of sentence as the first one. However, the judge will not be able to give probation to the offender in Las Vegas Casino.

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